H1b visa dropbox 221g


I have been given 221g white slip in response to my recent h1b dropbox appointment. Been asked to come for an in person interview. It also mentions to submit the court docs/final disposition and all relevant documents with regards to a prior arrest. This relates to a traffic citation i got a long time ago in my student days for when i was in a minor car accident. The charge was operating a car with a learners permit and didn’t have a valid us license.

I got the license before my court appointment and showed proof of license in court, so the charge was amended down to equip violation and i paid a 45$ fine.

I still have the citation, court summons and the disposition with me(which indicates the amended charge, 45$ fine i paid and the court stamped it as received) . I am not sure why they want to see this? Are these documents enough or would i need something more? Should i seek legal assistance on this? My interview is in 3 weeks and i am a bit concerned.


This is a normal ask in cases like yours. You can carry all the documents you have related to the case at your interview as well as submit them as mentioned in the 221g.

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