H1b visa-dropbox- status from approved to refused

Hello Everyone,
Need certain information for below case:
Submitted relevant documents and passport for H1B renewal via Dropbox in Chennai office on Nov end.
Status of the submitted application(case) was approved in 6 working days.
However, status of the application again changed to refused status on 11th day after approval date(or 17 working days from submission date). Status still remains as same and passport status says that it is still with “embassy/consulate”.
Passport and any further communication/letter not yet received.
Do anybody know why is this behaviour and what could be possible next steps? Please let me know, as I’m stuck here and little worried.

I am guessing that because your passport hasn’t been returned, CO working on your case may be in process of validating certain documents related to your H1B petition which may take few weeks. I would suggest to patiently wait for any further updates from the consulate.