H1B visa interview form 221g in Dubai

Hi Anil,

I’ve been working on H1B status since 2014 in the US. I came on vacation to Dubai in December. I’m an Indian citizen but I grew up in Dubai and my mom still lives here. I attended my H1B visa interview on December 6th and the consular officer approved my visa and kept my passport.

On 12th December my passport was returned to me without a visa and my status online was updated to Administrative Processing. There were no instructions given and they did not ask for any more documents or information. This is the web link the consulate pointed me to for case approved but passport returned without visa http://dubainiv.net/vars2/faq.asp?FAQ_ID=29

Since then there have been no updates and I’m still waiting. I was supposed to fly back to the US on Jan 7th. I’ve sent an email to the consulate a couple of times, most recent was today since it’s been over 10 weeks since 12th December. I get the same generic response that it’s under Administrative Processing, they don’t need any documents from me and that I will be informed by email when processing is complete.

My employer and some lawyers I’ve contacted said nothing to do but wait. Any idea what could be taking so long? I would really appreciate any guidance on this! I do not work with sensitive technology, nor were my job responsibilities discussed in the interview.

Thank you,

I can understand your situation but there is nothing that can be done at this time with your case except waiting.

Do you work for your employer full time or it is vendor client set up?
Have you changed your US addresses multiple times while you were working in USA?

I’m in an employer client set up. I’ve been with the same client for the last 4 years. I’ve been living in Boston, MA since September 2014 and since I’ve been on H1 status. Within Boston I’ve had 3 addresses including my current one.

I moved to the US to study in 2007, I’ve lived at 4 addresses in Philly over 5 years and then for about a year and half in Los Angeles at one address. This was all while I was on F1 status.

I can’t say with 100% surety but your frequent address changes sound to be a reason behind your admin processing as no other documents have been asked for.
US embassy is probably doing identity and security background check on your name.

Remember, that’s my opinion based on what you have shared. I may be completely wrong as there is no way to find out what kind of admin processing US embassy is doing.

Hi Anil,

My visa is still under administrative processing and there hasn’t been any request from them for anything. My employer has also written to the consulate highlighting the work that is pending my return. They replied a week ago saying thank you for the information but that’s about it.

I’ve been in Dubai on a tourist visa which is now coming to and end. I am a permanent resident of Canada and I was wondering if I can go to Canada now and apply for the H1 at the consulate there while this is pending in Dubai? Otherwise I’ll go and wait there so I’ll at least be in the same time zone as work while I work remotely and come back to Dubai once the visa is issued. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you,

You can apply for another visa stamp in Canada but i do not think it will be of any use since you already have one pending in Dubai.

All the data is centralized.

It is your choice if you want to take the risk of withdrawing your application in Dubai and file in again in Canada.

Thanks Anil, I suppose if it’s been this long already I’ll just leave it be and wait for it to finish processing. I’ll just come back to Dubai once it’s done. I don’t want to restart the clock in Canada.