H1b visa interview from singapore

Hi Guys, This is RAJESH and this year my H1B lottery got picked up. I am working in singapore from past 6 years. My concern here is whether I had to attend H1B interview in singapore or in india? Because my company told me that no one from company had attended interview in singapore till now. So they had no idea on this.
Can anyone help me to know if anyone faced this situation or any expats already attended H1B interview from singapore? If yes, kindly share me your experience and suggest me on this situation, thanks.

You should be able to attend H1b interview in Singapore US embassy unless embassy has local restrictions.

Check on the specific US embassy website to see if they allow third country nationals to apply or not.

Thanks for the prompt reply Anil !! You mean check with singapore’s US embassy whether Indians can attend for H1B interview or not?