H1B visa interview received a 221g for providing client letter

Hi Anil,
I’ve attended the H1B visa interview in Chennai on this April 2021 and I received a 221g white slip asking to provide the end client letter by email. When I discussed with my employer, they informed me that the client usually will not provide any such letters and also client letter requirement is not mandatory for H1B visa approval as per the June 2020 amendment https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2020/PM-602-0114_ITServeMemo.pdf

  1. What is the next step I can do without the client letter?
  2. Can I file a new DS-160 and attend the H1B visa interview again without closing 221g?

Requesting to provide your advice on this matter.

Thank you,

If embassy has requested client letter, then you have to provide it.

If you create a new application, the chances are very high that you will get same form 221g again.

Thank you very much Anil, the problem in my case is that, my client company won’t provide the end client letter and reason they’re saying as per the amendment, it’s not required.

This 221g/application will expire after a year, which means can I attend again with the same I-797 approval?