H1B Visa Interview Waiver for the applicant who renewed the most recent visa in Mexico

Hello Friends,
I am planning to travel to India on Jun-2022 and my most recent H1B visa was stamped in Mexico at July-2019 and my visa expired on Dec-31-2021. But, I have stamped my previous H1B Visas in India prior to the stamping in Mexico. So, I am trying to schedule an appointment for H1B renewal in Chennai Consulate and it leads t me to the drop box option eligibility after answering all the questions. So, i have scheduled the drop box appointment on may end. But, I saw a couple of YouTube videos (some attorneys) and online forums saying that the applicant is not eligible, if their most recent visa was stamped in Mexico/Canada. I am little bit worried about the drop box appointment after seeing these comments online.

  1. My Child last H4 Visa was stamped at the age of 11 in India and now she is 16. My question is, does she need to attend an In-Person interview as per policy?

Could someone please assist me with this

If you weren’t eligible, their system would not have allowed to book IW/dropbox. You are all set and no need to worry.


Even your child should qualify for IW under the new policy as she had prior US visa unless I am missing something. Did you try to book an appointment for her?

Hello Kalpesh_Dalwadi,

Thanks for your reply. But, i have read the below drop box eligibility article and the provided article audio link is clearly stating that the applicant most recent visa was stamped in Mexico/Canada are not eligible for drop box. I am worried after listening the audio. Please go through the audio link and let me know your thought on this


@anil_am22 , I am guessing this app do not include the recent policy change published on 23rd Dec’2021?

Uma, if you looked at the link I shared, per the new policy you need to have a US visa issued in past in any class and there is no mention of where the the visa was issued?

Yes, the original dropbox policy (below link) does have requirement for last visa to be issued in your home country however the new policy do not as far as I am aware.


You may call VFS (Apply for a U.S. Visa | Contact Us - India (English)Apply for a U.S. Visa | Contact Us - India (English)) and double check or simply try to book an appointment for your daughter and you should see below two questions that were added after the new policy was announced.

“Do you have previous visa in any visa class issued?” and “Have you ever been refused a visa before?”. Based on the answer you provide along with other regular dropbox questions, your daughter may qualify for the same.

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi and @Selva_uma75

The app was updated to remove the country-based condition and it should work.

I think the audio needs to be updated.

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Thanks Kalpesh for your reply

I am not sure when the app was updated. But, i Saw a recent video of Reddy’s attorney and per his update the country based condition condition are still applicable. I called India USTRAVELDOCS support center and explained my current scenario. But those support people not giving proper answer.

Hi @Selva_uma75

The country based condition was removed in Aug 21 and probably only because of COVID.
At this time, it is still removed but may be added back again in future by US embassy in India.

Both the app and the article page (with audio) has been updated.
Thanks for reporting. We really appreciate it.

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I have raised a query about my above issue with VFS and did receive a very generic answer by pasting the visa renewal link for my question. And also, i have called twice the OFC India customer service and got same answer that if the portal is allowing you for IW and then you are good to go with drop box.