H1b Visa Interview


My H1b petition filed by an outside consultancy (Not my employer) was denied by USCIS 4 years back and I haven’t attended any visa interview. Now, my employer filed a H1b petition and was approved.

My question is What should I answer if Visa Officer asks me “Is this your first H1b?”.

  1. “Yes” or “No”?
  2. Does the Visa Officer mean “Is this your first time H1b visa or Is this your first time H1b petition”?

Please suggest as I have my interview in a couple of days and was really concerned on this because any wrong answer may lead to misrepresentation. Pleaae help.

You can say it is your first H1B stamping. Petition and visa are two different things.
If the CO asks about petition specifically, then your may state the facts.

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