H1B visa renew - mailing address in usatraveldocs

I am on H1B staying in USA and has USA address on my passport. I am intending to get visa stamping done in India.
I will be choosing OFC center Mumbai for dropbox and going to submit documents at Pune location.

Step 1: completed DS160 application.
Step 2: Went to usatraveldocs website and created profile. I see mailing address section there. Do I have to provide address matching on passport or mailing address in India?
Step 3: Which delivery option is better/preferable/safer to choose? Premium Delivery at home or Premium pickup at one of the sub OFC center(e.g. Pune).

  1. Indian address
  2. Individual choice. If you are comfortable picking it up from OFC then you can opt for it. They will still charge you similar amount as delivering at home thru’ Blue Dart.

Thanks for the response.
For step 3 I wasn’t aware about cost perspective:

Delivery options I see are-

  1. The U.S. Embassy/ Consulates in India offer free document pickup services at the OFC where the Embassy/Consulate is located. Applicants collecting documents from any other locations will need to pay a nominal fee of Rs 850/- per individual at the time of pickup.

  2. Premium Pick up location - A nominal fee of Rs.850/- (inclusive of all taxes) is applicable for Premium Pick up location service and is payable upon delivery by EACH applicant.

  3. Premium home delivery option is available for all applicants applying together and not for select applicant in the family or group.By selecting premium Home delivery option, EACH applicant will have to pay Rs.850/- towards this service.