H1B visa stamped with annotation NIE Under all P.P.S Novel coronavirus

Hi Team,

I got H1B approved visa stamping in my passport with annotation NIE UNDER ALL P.P.S NOVEL CORONAVIRUS".

Does that mean i got NIE approval also?

do i allowed to travel now with this visa to usa.


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Yes, if you have annotation on the visa you don’t need additional approval for travel.

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Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi


I got h1b visa and received with stamping on July 2021 with NIE approval. Till now i didn’t travel to USA .

My dependents can book emergency slot and can go for interview now because i want to take them with me when i travel.

Could you please help me on above query

If you can get an appointment, then yes, go ahead and get it done.

Thanks for your response Anil. I will check as you said. From last few months i dont see normal slots in Hyderabad, India. Are they opening normal slots or present only opening emergency slots. Could you please confirm me.