H1B Visa Stamping, 221(g) white slip (admin processing) and passport returned

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I was working in USA for 2 year and 4 months when my family in Pakistan had a car accident in result my mother and nephew passed away and I need to travel back to Pakistan. My visa was expired however I have valid petition till 30/12/2022 and currently working with USA client. After reaching in Pakistan I schedule a visa stamping appointment with USA embassy in Islamabad.

I had an appointment with US embassy on 06/25/2021 #Islamabad (#Pakistan) for #h1b interview. Officer at first window verified my petition. Fingerprints were taken at 2nd window.
Interviewing Officer at 2rd window asked a few questions related to petitioner and client and then gave me a 221-g whitepaper and told me that they need some administrative processing on my case and they will let me know if they need any additional documents from me. He returned the passports, and kept my LCA, Client letter, #DS160 confirmations and I129 Form.

Case officer returned my passport saying that he doesn’t know how much time it will take in admin processing if he will be requiring passports he will contact me via email.

It has been a couple of days and there’s no response or update on CEAC. Please advise what are my next options? Thanks.

A white form indicates a complex category under 221(g). This slip denotes the need for further processing wherein it is handed over to the USCIS and the decision is finally taken based on the information gained from the USCIS.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do at this point in time. You need to wait till you hear back from the consulate. 221g processing may take from few days to few months.

Hopefully once the consulate receives the information they are looking for, they will email you to submit your passport and stamp it with the visa.

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