H1B VISA Stamping: Education and career role change


I am currently on H1B with I140 approved.

I have done my BE and MS in Biomedical Engineering and past 8 years was working with couple of medical device companies mainly on device hardware and electrical R&D.

This year I have switched my role to consumer electronics company which has no medical application. While applying for H1B for this company, I got RFE for specialty occupation which got resolved with my past 8 year experience in electrical engineering. This is first time I got RFE and never received before.

This year I am planning to go to India and will need H1B stamping.

Question: Currently I am working for consumer electronics company as an Electrical Engineer however my education is MS/BE in Biomedical Engineering.

  1. Is this issue from VISA stamping perspective? How to answer visa officer if he sees mismatch between my education and current role? During my BE and MS in Biomedical, my most of subjects were hardware and electrical oriented.

  2. I am eligible for drop box. Should I choose drop box or in-person interview option? What will be safer bet?

FYI I have done my H1B stamping previously in 2016. At that time I got 221G white slip that got resolved in 30 days. There is annotation on my passport “clearance received” on expired H1B visa.

Thank you for all help and guidance.

  1. You just have to answer that your education and experience matches the job requirements.

  2. You can’t choose. If you are eligible for dropbox, you should go for dropbox.