H1B Visa Stamping questions at chennai - approval after earlier denial due to Specialty occupation

Hi Anil,

I had to come back to India with my family this Jan 2019 as my H1b visa extension application was rejected due to specialty occupation reasons. My company applied a consular petition which got approved with God’s grace recently and I am required to travel to US consulate in Chennai for Visa validation next month.
Can you please let me know the type of questions that I can expect there? Will this be treated any way different as it was a consular petition?


Hi @thanksbetoJesus

The questions will be same as any other H1B interview and will relate to your employer and employment. Do not worry. There is nothing special in consular processing vs extension of status H1B approval.

Consular processing is normal process. Many people go through it regularly.

Thanks a lot Anil. You are really helpful.