H1b with valid I-140 - left US

Hi all! I have an approved I-140 from 2019 but left the US in 2020 back to India, and my I-140 was not revoked so it is still valid. I also have my h1b visa stamp expires in 2022 end.

My question is:

  1. If I get a new job with a new employer (or same company), will they have to initiate a new h1b or can they do an h1 transfer / extension? Does it depend on whether I get the job before or after my visa stamp expires?
  2. Can I enter US with my h1b stamp and valid I-140?

Technically it will be a new cap-exempt ( no need for lottery) H1B with AC21 extension based on approved I-140.

No. If after visa expiry, you will need to go for stamping new visa.

Yes once your H1B is approved from new employer and you travel to the US before existing visa expires.