H1B without COS and H4 EAD


Currently I am on H4 EAD and I have approved H1B. As I have not filed for COS, when my H1B was approved, my employer did not share H1B approval notice with me though I have a receipt number.

Now If I change my job, then is it possible to file H1B transfer without Approval notice and with just receipt number.


I need to apply for COS and then only I can file for H1b transfer.

I would like to be on H4 EAD and want to keep my H1B as well. Please let me know if any other suggestions for keeping H1B in the case of switching the jobs.

Thanks in advance, Appreciate you help.

The new employer might need the approved H1B i797 copy to file an H1B transfer (with COS as an option) in the future.

You can file a FOIA request with USCIS directly and request the H1B approval copy. They might share it with you.

But, please note that in many cases, USCIS does not consider it counted in the H1B cap until you actually use the H1B. So, if this was your first H1B and you never used it, then, it is a 50-50 chance in the future.

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