H1transfer approved and spouse stamping in progress what to do

Hello ,

Me and my family are in a situation right now .

My husband is on H1b visa and has been working for PayPal for about 10 years . We have our I 140 approved , h1 , h4 for wife and child and was valid till sept 2024 . Now husband decided to change the job . Transfer is done with i797 hard copy approved and joining date in hand june 27th 2022 . Now there was a medical emergency and my wife and child had to travel to India and on the new company’s attorneys advice went for h4 Dropbox with PayPal documents because the Dropbox was on May 27th and my H1b transfer was in process . They did the Dropbox on May 27th and till now waiting for any feedback from the Hyderabad embassy . My question is if I resign from PayPal by June 14 and given 2 weeks notice my last day in PayPal will be 24th June . Will my dependents stamping be impacted by that . Or will it be impacted by my current H1b transfer approval .

Very stressed and if any kind of feedback would be helpful


Worried engineer

What status does the CEAC website shows?? I don’t think will be any issue unless embassy asks for additional clarifications/documnets. It’s just that cases are taking a bit longer these days. Wait until you hear from the embassy. At the time of interview, your dependents should include your current 797 details ( where you are currently working).