H4 and EAD extension, EAD with no extension sent

Hi group members

I am in a situation where my i94 is expiring on March 15th

I filed H4 and EAD extension together on September 10th 2022, receipt date is September16th 2022.

I haven’t received h4 approval yet, I received EAD approval on March 1st with 2 approval notices with different validation-

  1. Valid till April 2025( received on March 3rd 2023)
    2.Valid till March 15 2023( received on March 4th 2023)

As I have my EAD CARD in hand and the approval is till March 15 2023. I don’t know if it’s a mistake , can I return the card to get date corrected?and I have not received any update on my h4 which is expiring on March 15th 2023

What can be done to save the job? Anyone faced this ??

If you have an EAD card with longer validity, you can use it.

It definitely looks like a mistake from USCIS side but as long as you have a longer validity card, you should be able to use it to work.

My EAD card have no extension on it, it’s valid till March 15th 2023, I have sent card back to uscis. How long do they take to accept and correct their mistake?

Should I apply for new EAD ?? As my new card expires today

@anil_am22 My h4 got approved today but I haven’t heard anything from uscis that they received my card which I sent back because of old dates, do you think they will correct the dates Or should I file a new application??

I have received automated email for query I raised saying if your card have any errors, please send the card back to USCIS. Which I did before receiving this email

Based on the approval notice, you can still continue the job with the lack of EAD card for 720 days I believe as per the new advisory from USCIS due to the delays in EAD processing

@Budha_Bagchi My card had the dates which are expired now and I have 2 approval notice one is valid till March 15 2023 and other is April 2025… the latest approval notice is one with March 2023.

Can I work on other approval notice which is valid till April 2025??? Is there any uscis guidelines on this??

Hello… Could you please advise how you filed H4 and H4 EAD together? I want to file H4 extension and H4 EAD (first time) together. However, I see that H4 extension can be done online (I-539) BUT H4 EAD must be applied by mailing only since I-765 for H4 EAD does NOT have online application. In this case could you please advise how these 2 can be applied together?

You will need to paper file both at below address.

Thank you for clarifying