H4 and H4 EAD are getting approved at the same time?

Hi Anil, can you tell if H4 and H4 EAD are getting approved at the same time? Or is it like, H4 takes 3-4 months and then H4 EAD takes another 1-2 months for approval?

If H4 EAD gets approved first, then H4 gets Approval within a week.

If H4 gets approved first, then H4 EAD may or may not get approved immediately.

The chances are 50-50 that both may get approved at same time.

I am tracking cases H4 EAD cases here for Approval after Biometrics and none has been reported as approved yet from Nebraska.

@Anil.Gupta it may be irrelevant to this discussion, but still something to do with the combined filing of H4 and EAD and need your expert opinion.

I applied for H4(i539) COS from H1 on May 8th, when I was still in my job, and I765 for EAD at the same time. my H1 last day is July 3rd and I submitted my resignation as of that date. it is with Nebraska Service Center.

Biometrics completed on June 6th.

Now that I will be free, am thinking to go Mexico border Tijuana for H4 stamping.
is that okay?
once my stamping is complete, what is the process to update my i765 application with the new i94/visa copy?
as you can see this is my first-time H4 and first-time EAD, do I need to keep anything in mind for this feat?

Hi @venkat5121

You can visit Mexico for H4 stamping. I suggest to file a new H4 EAD application once you are back in USA with H4 visa stamp and new i94.

There is no reliable way of sending the documents to USCIS to attach to your pending H4 EAD application.

Thanks for quick reply Anil.

Do you think, going out of the country to get H4 visa stamping and re-filing H4EAD would be better option in recent situation?

My wife’s permit expires in mid Sept this year, and she completed bio metrics last week.

Hi @analyst8

Going out of US and getting H4 stamping is the fastest way to get on to H4 status at this time.

In your case, you are already on H4 and it does not make any sense to go out of US and get H4.

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