H4 and H4 EAD - Travelling to India

Hi Anil ( [anil_am22])

My wife is travelling to India on 12 Aug 2022 and her drop box appointment date on 16th Aug 2022. she is on H4 and she worked on H4 EAD until 03 Aug 2022, but her H4 EAD expiring on 18th Aug 2022.she is going to h4 dropbox process based on my H1B approval and I got approval until Jul 2025.

  1. While filling the DS 160, should I choose “Home maker” or " Something else " Computer science" or any-any-another field?

  2. If chose choose “Home maker” there is one question "Were you previously employed? “, what we need to choose for this? she was worked until 03 Aug 2022. if we choose “Yes” need to give details about her past employment.

  3. If we give the details about her past employment, do we need to submit the expired H4 EAD card along with required drobox documents?

Appreciate your responses. TIA.