H4 and H4EAD extension


Our H1b/H4/H4EAD are not in sync due to transfers and amendments.

H1b is up until 2027. My dependents H4s are valid till mid-2025. But the H4EAD for my spouse expires end of this year (2024).

I want to extend the H4s and H4EAD till 2027 now.

Can I apply for both H4s and H4EAD extensions together (although they expire at different times).
Or do I need to first get the H4s extended till 2027 and then apply for H4EAD extension.

Apply both at the same time and apply before the EAD expires that way your spouse can continue working under H4 EAD auto-extension till the H4 is valid. If the H4 is not approved before the expiry in mid 2025, your spouse will need to stop working till the H4/EAD is approved.

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