H4 approved but EAD is pending. Can I get EAD auto extended by getting new I94?

My spouse’s H4 is approved (along with H1 premium processing ) but EAD is still pending. If we travel to India to get H4 stamping and come back into US with I-94 with 3 yrs validity, will spouse be eligible for automatic H4 EAD extension?

Everywhere folks talk about applying EAD after new I-94 is issued but nowhere have I found how my case works. If both H4 COS & EAD were pending while I get stamping from india - H4 will be abandoned and EAD as a result, but my case is different.

Appreciate confirmation from anyone that has been in same boat.

If your H4 is approved, then you must have got a new extended H4 i94.

That’s sufficient to get EAD auto extension if you had filed EAD renewal before current EAD expires.

No need to go for visa stamping.

Thanks Anil! Got it, didn’t know that I-94 on the receipt notice is gonna be enough,

One followup question, if we now travel abroad, could it still result in EAD RFE? Should I proactively interfile I-94 before we leave US? Also traveling abroad now doesn’t anyway change the auto-extension eligibility right?