H4 + B1/B2 visa question on Ensenada cruise trip

Hi All,
We’re family of 4, planning to travel to Ensenada, Mexico from LA in a cruise and here are family immigration status.

  • I’m on a valid H1B stamped visa. Recently, my company filed the new I-797 petition and it’s approved until 2025.
  • My wife has a valid H4 stamped visa, her new H4 and EAD petitions filed and in-process. Until she receives her new EAD (could take 6-8 months), she can’t work beyond her current I-94 end-date of September 2022.
  • My parents having a valid B1/B2 visa with admittance of 6 months (presently in the 4th month).

Main purpose of this travel is to get my wife’s I-94 extended till my new I-797 petition approval date of 2025, so that she can continue to work on H4-EAD beyond her current I-94 expiry of September 2022 (based on Automatic Revalidation process).

**Questions: **

  1. Will my wife able to re-enter the USA and get her I-94 extended till 2025?
  2. Will my parents able to travel to Mexico and re-enter the USA with no issues?

Appreciate your responses. TIA.

You should be able to get new H4 i94.

B1/B2 visa holders should also be able to enter Mexico and return to the US as long as visa stays valid.

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