H4 Bio-metric Appointment not Received - is this due to covid19?

I had filed for my spouse H4 extension and received a receipt notice, but didn’t get any bio-metric appointment with it.

The case was field on 11th May 2020, I did get my H1B approved and received the approval notice.

What should I do ? Call USCIS or wait for bio-metric appointment ?

USCIS Biometric centers are closed and they are not sending appointment letters until they reopen.

Hi Anil,

My h1b transfer and spouse h4 were filled in Apr 2020. I got my h1b approval, however, there are no updates on my spouse biometric appointment, when can we expect the updates from USCIS on Biometric appointment?

Also, My wife’s previous H4, H4 EAD with the last employer is valid till Apr 2021.
When can I submit her H4 EAD renewal application?

Hi @manoj9k

Please read above.

H4 EAD extension can be filed 180 days before current card’s expiry.

@jerry1989 Let me know, if you had received biometric appt or notice which says USCIS going to reuse previous biometric?


My H1 was filed in June 1st and approved on June 18th via regular processing. By the time my employer decided to upgrade to premium processing my application was approved. However my spouse’s H4 and EAD ( which was also field together) is sitting there as case received with no sight of biometrics. Does it make sense to pay for premium processing toward H1 case (although approved) in an effort to get H4 approval moving along? When we contacted biometrics USCIS said that the ASC just started processing normally so they are not able to provide ETA for fingerprints. Irony is that my colleague who had filed in premium in September have already received biometrics appointment in October with Nebraska SC. Any suggestions?

You cannot upgrade an approved H1B to premium. Just wait for H4 biometric. Keep calling USCIS too.

Thanks @anil_am22. When you say call USCIS , is there a any way to get through to an actual agent/employee. Last when we called, the rep just filled out online form on our behalf and we got standard response. Are we doing anything incorrect?

Hello Anil sir,

My and my family’s extension were filed on 25th March 2020. My H1B got approved in 3 weeks and have received approved notice from attorney.

But due to COVID-19 USCIS not responded yet for my wife and daughters biometrics request. We tried calling USCIS customer care but IVR is not allowing to go to talk to someone and cutting the calls. Also sent online request, but no response yet. We haven’t changed our address too.

What shall we do. What if we don’t get any response till 25th Nov 2020. Please advice.

Note: We are in US (since Sep 2019, after India visit)

Hi Anil,

I filed for COS (change of status) from L1 to H4 and my receipt date is 18th September 2020 (Nebraska Service Center). Thereafter, I have received no communication from USCIS. I called them today to ask about biometrics and they raised a service request as it has been almost 4 months since I got my receipt.

Can you please advise on how I can expedite to secure a biometric appointment?