H4 biometric appointment letter not received for kid

Hello Anil,
Could you please help me on a query with H4 biometric appointment.

H4 extension application for me and my kid was filed along with my spouse’s H1B extension application in Nov 2020 in premium. My last H4 was valid until 31 Dec 2020.
My spouse’s H1b extension was approved while I was still awaiting for biometric appointment. On 14th Jan 2021, I got biometric appointment letter with the appointment on 1st Feb 2021 but I didn’t get the biometric appointment letter for my son yet.
Could you please advise how should I go about this? Is there a way to check with USCIS whether a biometric appointment for my son’s H4 extension application is also scheduled? I am afraid if in case the appointment letter is misplaced in mail and if my son’s biometrics are not taken then he will go out of status.


If you applied your son’s H4 extension using the same form i539/a that you applied for yourself, then USCIS usually sets up appointment for all members together.

This means that chances are high that your son’s appointment might have been set up at same time as yours.

You can call USCIS and ask if this is the case.

If you don’t get any answers, then you can take your son with you and ask them at ASC center to accommodate your son as well.

Hello Anil,

I have similar case, my H1 extension was applied along with H4 for my son. H1b got approved in normal processing on 11 Jan 2021. But I haven’t received Biometrics letter for my Son(6 years old) and i539 status shows “case was received”.

Will I be getting H4 biometrics letter after approval notice ? Could you please advise?

Thanks in Advance!

Thanks Anil. After multiple attempts, I was able to talk with USCIS customer service.
I was told that the appointment for my son is not scheduled yet. As you suggested, I will try at ASC if they can take his biometrics as well. If not then I guess I will have to wait until USCIS sends biometric appointment letter for him.

The H1B approval is not required to get biometric appointment for H4.

I gave my biometrics for i539 & i765 by walking in early at the ASC and begging them. My kids application was applied with my h4. My kids bio is still not done.

So does that mean that my h4 & h4ead will not be adjudicated unless my kids bio is done?
Please help. I was able to give my bio after waiting for 7 months. Now i am desperate and anxious thinking mine will still be stuck due to my kids bio not done.

Even my case is the same, applied for H4 + EAD on Aug 4, 2020, still, Bio-metric is not processed & also no appointment letter, No one answer in a service request or call center, how to get Bio-metric done, Please help me or say how you did will try to follow.

Hi, I received my H1-B approval in October 2020, but my kid’s Change of status to H4 (which was also submitted in October) seems to be taking forever. We haven’t received any biometrics appointment for him until now… been 5.5 months…looks like quite a few are in the same boat. Once we get the biometrics appt, how long does it take to get H4 approval? Also, if there’s an emergency and we need to travel, what will happen? Kindly advise.

There is no fixed time for approval after biometric. It all depends on the service center’s processing time.