H4 biometrics appointment letter

My H1B got approved within 30 days from California center, but no update on H4 & H4 EAD.

It has been more than 35 days, we have NOT received any biometrics appointment letter?

Is this something normal now a days ?

Yes, its normal because Biometric centers are closed and no Appointments are available.

USCIS will send appointment letters as and when Biometric centers will reopen.

Expect a long wait.

Update Jan 2021

USCIS is sending biometric letters but a bit slowly. If you have not received the letter within 90 days of your H4 filing, then you should raise an SR with USCIS.

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We have applied from a certain city on H1 and H4 extension and H1b got approved, waiting for biometric appointment. Can we attend the biometric from other city or it should be attended in the same city from where the extension was applied.

My Receipt date for H4 is July 30th. Still awaiting Biometrics appoinment. Texas Service Center

Does that mean EAD cant be renewed and thus unemployment?

I filed Service Request and got reply that your application will be processed in the order received.

Also, was able to connect with Tier 2 agent - she told very clearly that for the initial appointment letter, they don’t have control - it has to come from respective ASC. Only if your appointment got cancelled due to COVID closures back in April-Jul 2020 and have not received new re-scheduled appointment, they can help with that.

Have spoken to two Tier 1 agents prior as well. They created SR but got response to just wait.