H4 child Dropbox eligibility

Hi, myself and my wife both were eligible for dropbox as we both have previous visa stamped in India. My kid(4 yrs) was Canadian born, so he was admitted at the border crossing directly under H4 in 2022 without having the H4 visa in his passport. Whether my kid will be directly eligible for Dropbox, I am confused about it now. Please help.

You can use the dropbox app to check his eligibility.

Thanks. The Dropbox app says my kid is eligible for dropbox considering he was granted H4 previously. My only concern is his passport doesn’t have the actual H4 visa but only the admitted as H4 stamp given at the board of entry.

H4 visa means stamped H4 visa in passport.

Admission to US with H4 status means an i94 and not a visa.

You should select that your kid has no previous stamped visa in the passport in the dropbox app.

Thank you. Now the app says he is not eligible. just need to know my options because, as per below link, parent’s valid visa is required for interview waiver for under 14.


I am thinking of below two options, please suggest which would be best

  1. Submit all 3 applications(myself, wife and kid) together for dropbox.

  2. Submit my dropbox application first and obtain the visa and schedule separate Dropbox for my wife and kid after 2 weeks so my new visa can be submitted along with their documents.