H4 Dropbox delay

Hello Sir, I submitted my passport with my daughters on 25th May 2023 at New Delhi VAC. My husband principal applicant, submitted on 24th May 2023 at New Delhi VAC, but he received his visa and passport by 5th business day, whereas for us dependent it is still showing “application received” status. On call, support is saying that they can see from their end it is “processing” status. They are denying any further disclosure and asking us to wait a couple of more days for any kind of intimation. By today, it is 11th business day. We have a return flight in another 8 calendar day.

  1. do you think we’ll be able to receive H4 passports n visas before 17th June 2023? Today is 9th June 2023 in India.
  2. is it a case of 221-g?
  3. should we directly email to US embassy to raise a concern and expedite at nivnd@state.gov

Only the Delhi consulate can answer this question. You may email the consulate however they may take their own sweet time to process.
Any reason why all three didn’t submit the application same day?

Unless you get an email or the status change, no one can guess.