H4 Dropbox for my 14 year old Kid

Hi ,
This is for visa stamping for my son . He just completed his 14th birthday . He is not eligible for Dropbox because he got his visa stamping before 14th birthday . He got the VAC/consular appointment on October . My spouse got drobox appointment next week. We are now in trouble .
How can my Son get appointment by next month . I am not seeing any slot available near by . Please advice .
Thanks you

Hi Madhu,
I am same situation. In my profile I have added my dependents including 14+ year child and when I was booking appointment, there was no question about 14 years hence I was eligible for dropbox and I booked dropbox appointment. Let me know if you or you know anyone who have successfully stamped visa for 14+ year child using dropbox.

Is your 14+ kids got the stamping trough Dropbox
I am also in same situation planning to go india in a week with my 14+ kid I have Dropbox appointment
Pls let me know if anyone get stamping in the same situation