H4 dropbox status "Refused"

Hi Everyone ,

My wife did dropbox appointment on Oct19th and on Nov1 status changed to “Refused”

My H1B visa is expired and I did not travel for dropbox , but latest I797 was submitted
Could that be the reason for denail? Do we need to submit valid visa for H1B to get H4 visa or just valid I797 is enough?

Please help, Do you know when I can get details of why application was refused and next steps

Refused normally means administrative processing. No need to worry.

It will be approved soon.


Hi @anil_am22 : have a question, i looked up cbp website for my online I94 its not updated with latest Admit untill date as I have not traveled outside USA for past 3 years , Would thah be the reson for my wifes H4 visa dropbox refusal?

CBP website I94 : Admit untill 1/2023
Latest I797 with I94 : unitill 5/2025

My wife has already submitted latest I797 in the dropbox

Yes, it is possible that they have sent the i797 and attached i94 for verification to USCIS.

@anil_am22 : Thank you for the reply.

If they ask for my unexpired visa stamp ? What should my wife do.

I am currently in US , should i travel to India and get visa stamped in my passport and reapply for my wife H4 drop box with my visa stamp ?

@anil_am22 : Just an update, looks like passport was dispatched .Online visa status shows refused so i am hoping they have attached some letter with information for next steps

@anil_am22 : My wife just got 221g slip in mail, they are asking for husband valid visa copy , my visa stamp has expired on 01/01/2023 , but already submitted latest I797 which is valid till 2025
What should i do now?

Please help

You can submit the expired visa copy and i797 with i94.

Hi @anil_am22 : Do you know if husband will be asked to get visa stamped before wife can get visa stamping, evening though husband(H1B) has I797 approved till 2025.

If that is the case i need to make travel plans , please help

It is not mandatory to have a valid visa stamp if the person is physically in the US.

They should accept valid i797 with valid i94.

@anil_am22 Thank you so much

Hi @Gowtham_YR

Your spouse Visa approved? what documents have you submitted? i have received similar 221g

Hi Anil ,

Can u please help me here …
I see refused for my status … Wht will be the next step

Hi Gowtham,

I’m in the same boat, my dependents got 221(g) asking for H1B valid visa stamp. Can you please let me know What documents you submitted and your experience?

Please need your help…