H4 ead 180 day automatic extension - did not get receipt yet

H4 ead 180 day auto extension:
Current h4 ead expiring on September 20th 2023.
I obtained i94 extension until 2025 by h4 stamping. And I have applied for h4 ead extension ( before expiry of current ead ). But I have not received h4 ead receipt still. What proof should I provide to my employer for h4 ead automatic extension, since I have not received i797 receipt for my ead still.

Your employer will need a receipt to document lawful employment.

How long ago did you apply extension?

I have the i94 updated at the port of entry. Applied for ead extension 2 weeks ago. From experience it may take 2 more weeks to get the ead receipt.
A) Can I produce the i-765 application copy as a proof for “ead filed on time”?
B) Should I stop working until I get my ead receipt, if it doesnt come by 20th sept (current ead expiry).
In this case, can I resume work once I get the ead receipt. (Post sept 20th)

I would stop working if receipt does not arrive within time unless the employer is flexible to allow working.

Work can be resumed once receipt is received.