H4 EAD application when H4 EOS is pending?


I filed H1b extention with my wife’s H4 extension on 07/2022
H1b extension approval received 12/2022
H4 extension is still pending. (Previous H4 expired 09/2022)
It is more than 7 month of wait time. Texas center, USCIS processing time is 4.5 month.
Filed SR, received general response.

We are estimating my 140 to be approved on 05/2023. My wife wants to apply H4 EAD ASAP.

Will she be able to file H4 EAD I765 application if her H4 extension is still pending at that time (05/2023)?
Is there recent H4 EOS approval data recently? (I do not trust USCIS website too much, the website says H1b EOS for texas center is 3 weeks…)

Thanks advance for any input

Yes with the copy of H4 extension of status receipt notice.