H4 EAD denied when H4extension +H4 EAD filed together,wife visited india and received new I94

We applied H1+H4 extension+ H4 EAD together.I received H1 extension but my wife traveled India and reentered state and received new I94.Today I got update H4 EAD denied and I539 also denied.H4 extension make sense but why H4 EAD denied.Also It was being processed in Texas center.She was working on automatic extension of 180 days but now It’s rejected.Can she reapply for H4 EAD and continue the work .Do I need to apply H4 EAD in same texas center because my I797 receipt number starts with SRC.Please let me know what are my options.

You can reapply using the new I-94 or just file MTR and provide the new I-94.
If the EAD had already expired and she was working using the 180 days automatic extension, then she wont be able to work until the EAD is approved. To be eligible for 180 days auto-extension, EAD needs to be applied in a timely fashion i.e. before the existing expires.

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Thanks Kalpesh.
Yes she was working using automatic extension and applied before expiration of EAD but now it’s rejected and if she reapply even though I think she can’t work. Which one is faster MTR or reapplying EAD? What is best option though fees for MTR is high. Also if I do H1 transfer after reapplying H4 EAD. Does it affect the H4 EAD application ?

Check the processing time forbthe service center you will apply to.

You will need to decide which way you want to go. In either case your wife will not be able to continue with her job till the EAD is approved.

Shouldn’t unless you are also filing for H4 extension of status in that case it will be better to file EAD along with H1b & H4.