H4 ead extension conflict with h1+h4 extension

I have a question related to my next H1 extension and my wife’s current H4 EAD extension conflict.

Due to my change of employer, my and my wife’s current H1B is valid till Oct 2024. While my wife’s H4 EAD is expiring on April 2024. We can file her H4 EAD extension now, and receive the extension till Oct 2024.

We have to file H1+ H4 + H4 EAD extension again in April 2024 (6 months before the current H1 and H4 expires). I will be filing under premium. Since the current H4 EAD extension will not be under premium, it will take about 8 months based on social media timelines. If the premium application gets approved and we get H4 EAD valid till 2027, and then the current application is processed, valid till Oct 2024. Will this override previous EAD expiration (Oct 2027) by later EAD approval (Oct 2024) ?

Should I file EAD extension now and again in April or just file in April ?

You will get H4 EAD auto-extension for 180 days if filed before expiry and your H4 spouse can keep working as far as H4 remains valid throughout the 180 days period.
So in my opinion you can file H1B + H4/EAD extension with H1B premium processing in April before the EAD expires and get auto-extension on EAD for 180 days.
In most cases USCIS is approving all three under premium timeline if H1B is premium processing. H4/EAD may lag few days behind H1B but not months of delay for sure.

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