H4 EAD Extension/I-94 Renewal (Expired US Visa) based on Spouse New Approved I-797


I am trying to get my I-94 renewed for H4-EAD extension.

  1. Current H4-EAD and I-94 expiring on 12/08/2022
  2. Spouse changed job and with new approved I-797 expiring 08/23/2023.
  3. US Visa expired 12/08/2019

Tried Laredo Texas CBP rejected to do I-94 renewal.
What are my best option to get i-94 renewed ?

Appreciate any recent experience/help. Thanks


What did they say? You are still more than 6 months out, was that the reason?

Since US visa expired, CBP officer said they cannot just extended I-94 based on spouse H1B extension. Said to apply with USCIS for extension.
What are my other options?
Can I travel to Cancun with expired visa and use AVR? Do I have to go for visa appointment in Mexico?
Can I just take Mexico FMM tourist card for air travel with I-94 still valid and approved H1B I-797?

The chances are always 50-50 if the stamped visa in the passport has expired.

Mexico immigration will not allow you to enter Mexico if you go by flight without a valid US visa stamp or a Mexican visa.

Mexico FMM card is NOT a visa. It is just like i94 that Mexico issues when you make an entry to Mexico.

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Thanks Anil,

I will give another shot at Mexico.
If not can I get Mexican visa without US Visa and travel to Cancun with AVR option?

As always appreciate your HELP and suggestion.


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