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My H4 Visa is valid till Aug 2022 and my H4 EAD is valid till Aug 2022. My husband recently changed company and extended his H1B and it is valid till 2024.

Even though my current EAD hasn’t expired yet(valid till Aug 2022), I am planning to renew my H4 EAD now, for a safer side, since the processing time is taking longer. So my question is :

  1. Should I extend my H4 Visa first before I renew my H4 EAD. Because I am not sure if my H4 visa and my EAD is connected?
  2. My H4 Visa is valid till Aug 2022, does that mean my new EAD which I am applying, would also have the same expiration date? - assuming that H4 Visa and EAD has the same expiration date?
  3. Is it okay to apply for H4 EAD before my current EAD expiry date?
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They are connected and EAD validity will be inline with H4 and H4 validity will be inline with H1B. Ideally you should file H4 extension and EAD renewal with H1B transfer/extension application.

If applying separately, H4 EAD renewal application may be submitted within 180 days of expiry of your current EAD.

Yes. You can apply for H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal now and hopefully it will be approved to match the new H1B.

Answered above.

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Thanks a lot for the reply. Just now i did my research on H4 extension processing time and it looks like it’s taking more than a year + 3 months (for H4 EAD approval). If that is the case, i am at risk, because my h4 is expiring in 1 year. And if my EAD expires, i cannot work.

I checked if there is any consulate open in India, but everything is temporarily closed. Delhi has only emergency appointments.

So i would like to know if i could schedule a h4 visa appointment in Canada/Mexico? And what are the requirements for it? I believe i may need a Canada Visa.

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I completed my DS 160 and when I try to book a Visa appointment in Mexico :

  1. I have the first available appointment date only on April 2022.
  2. I can pay Visa fee only in MEX Cash. So for this, I have to travel to Mexico, pay the cash and then go back for the visa appointment again. They don’t accept payment by credit card, its only cash.

That being said, after considering all this, I am still not sure how to proceed :

  1. Should I apply for H4 extension and EAD together from US - expecting the processing time to be 1year or
  2. Should I travel to Mexico for a visa appointment - processing time is less but other barriers like Visa fee and first available date only on April 2022.

Could you please advise on which would be the better option? Or is there an alternative since my H4 is expiring in Aug 2022.

Also I heard like we are going to have premium processing for H4 EAD. If it is true, in that case what would be the better option?

Check the below if it helps…

This is true and is expected to start from November’21 onwards

This is really helpful. I will try to pay the Visa fee via this agent.