H4 EAD is pending

Hi I have applied for My h1b extension and spouse H4 extension and H4 EAD. My h1 is approved and I have went to India for a month with my family and did stamping for h1 and h4 extensions till 2024 june and we all come back to USA. then h4 case status changed to asking RFE and i have submitted the docs online and then h4 case rejected, and i think this is because of already have i94 extended and h4 stamped till 2024 june. But H4 EAD still pending with case was received from 5 months.
So my question is, Do I need to send supporting documents like h4 visa stamp on passport, i94 and I797 of primary h1b approval copy to support H4 EAD case. Do I have to till I get RFE. (if I wait for rfe, seems like time consuming one). What are steps I have to follow in order get h4 ead approved.

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