H4 EAD Lawsuit for Fast Approval (Does it work?)

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You can file the H4 EAD lawsuit yourself as a single party. This litigation is known as a mandamus case in legal terms. The cases that RN law was filing were also mandamus cases. The chances of approval are much higher in an individual case than in a group case. #1 How to File EAD…

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@Anil.Gupta I have my H1b approved as consular processing and my company said they will file for a new petion from Consular processing to COS.However my H4 EAD has been expired on Aug 11 and still waiting for the biometrics .If I join this litigation will there be any effect on my new H1?

Can you please suggest if waiting is the best option here instead of joining litigation.We are worried if something happens to my H1 and I will lose my job.

Thanks in Advance,

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You have to take the decision as to which visa type you want i.e H4 + H4 EAD or H1B. You cannot use both at same time.


Can someone still join the litigation? If yes, whom to contact and how?

EAD standalone request Oct 2021.

Did anyone use the services from Burgos & Garritson paying $4402? Wanted to know how the experience was. I started working with them, as of now, these guys seems to be slower than USCIS.


Hi @Jags_nocal

We can help you if you are facing any issues with the attorney.

Just let us know.

Hello Sir,
I just received my H1 b extension i797 approved.

  1. Do i need to visit India only for my stamping if my spouse needs H4 visa?

  2. The employer forgot to file H4 extension for my spouse and now she has overstayed for 3 months after i94 expiry.
    We did not know about separate H4 filing.

  3. We have a child US citizen who needs her to stay.

  4. Which of the following will be faster if we are allowed to?
    Do we need to file new H4 application and get stamping from India on just my H1b extension approval and no stamping or
    we need to file H4 extension form along with NPT?
    Attorneys are confusing us. Please help.

any updates on your litigation case?

Could you please clarify criteria to join lawsuit for concurrent H4/H4EAD processing? Can it be filed 60 days or 120 days after receipt notice date for I539?

Thank you

In my opinion, 120 days waiting is better.

Yes, we got the approval today.


Hello jagadish, how long it took for you to receive the approval after filing litigation. We are also planning to file litigation

Any idea how long it is taking to get approvals after filing the litigation case .

If your case is filed with California or Texas be prepared to wait for 60 days . Other centers may be faster . I am on the 57th day since my case was filed and mine is Texas center .

@AM22Tech_Admin @anil_am22 Hi, I too used this same attorney (Burgos & Garritson) for my H4/H4EAD litigation lawsuit, but having a terrible experience with them. I got their info from AM22Tech itself, so want to check if someone can help. As someone else rightly mentioned, they very slow, and highly non-responsive.

So is your case still pending or approved?

Still pending, absolutely no change in status, but the bigger issue is this attorney does not respond at all. I have no idea if they have even filed my case to begin with. No one ever receives the call or answers the messages. Almost thinking that I wasted my money. Has anyone else filed the lawsuit through them with any success (approval) so far?

Hi @Fischer

Please contact us via WhatsApp or email and we will help.

Contact options are available at bottom of this page.

@AM22Tech_Admin @anil_am22 Thanks, what is your watsapp number or email to contact at? Not able to find it.