H4 EAD new filing while the current H1 & H4 are expiring soon

Hi, I’m in a situation where my H1 & spouse H4 are getting expired in sept 2024. But I recently got my I-140 approved and planning to apply for H4-EAD based on current H1. However I need to file extension of H1 & H4 in next two months. so what would be the best approach here to file H4-EAD. Should it be now (based on sept 2024 expiry H1) or file all 3 together?

If I need to apply now, what would be the expiry date of the EAD. does the EAD expiry date tied to H1 & H4 expiry dates or it will have a different furthur expiry date? Please suggest. Thanks!

Can someone respond please

The better option would be to file all three together.

They match both H4 and EAD validity with H1B validity.