H4 EAD Query - Can we have 2 applications in the system?

My husband’s H1-B visa is valid until Dec 31 2019 and his H1B extension will be applied on July 01 2019. We just got our I140 approved yesterday. We are now looking to apply for my H4EAD. We were told by his legal team that they can file for the H1B, H4 extension and H4 EAD in premium processing in July and the new EAD I get will be valid from Jan 01 2020. I have 2 questions here:

  1. Can we apply for an EAD right away (expecting to get it within 4-6 months per current processing timelines), which will be valid until Dec 31 2019. Concurrently, also send in an application in July to be valid from Jan 01 2020? Will there be any issues with two applications in this way?
  2. Is there any other way we can approach this? I need to start working immediately and waiting until Jan 2020 is our last option.

You can apply H4 EAD now and then can apply EAD extention in July.

I think you will get your EAD approval by July anyway, so no two applications will be pending at same time.

It is okay even if two H4 EAD applications are pending in the system.

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Thank you very much for your guidance and response Anilji. This really helps us a lot. Much appreciated. Thank you again!

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Hi Namz,

We are on the same boat. Finally, are you planning to apply for H4EAD now and again after some time with your spouse’s H1B extn?


Hi Avik,

Yes - We already applied for my H4EAD and will re-apply for an extension along with my spouse’s H1B extension later this month. No idea when the current EAD card will arrive though. Also, the EAD we apply with the extension will only be valid from the new extension date and cannot be used before that. So that did give us a few months to try our luck and see if we get our first EAD sooner. Hope this helps you!


Hi Anil,

I have one query, if there is two pending H4 EAD applications, will USCIS stop working on the old application as there is new application in the system? or they will process whichever comes first to them? any idea?

Hi @archi2019

They will process both.

Dear Anilji,

I had applied for my H4EAD at Vermont Center (Received Date : May 16, 2019 - EAC1990098424). I have not received an approval / EAD yet. Also, in the meanwhile, we are now applying for H1-B Transfer for my husband along with H4 extension and H4EAD for me again (our current visas are valid until Dec 31, 2019). So here, since my current EAD application is not yet approved, do we file the new application for EAD as a new one or an extension? Also, any idea (guessing the trend) by when I can expect to receive my current EAD?

Your responses are always helpful to us.

Thank you so much,

Hi @Namz

It is your choice if you want to apply H4 EAD again with H1B transfer.

You should file it as a ‘new’ as you do not have an existing EAD card yet.


My case pretty much relates with your one. So sending this message to get some information.

I applied for H4 EAD May’22. It has gone to California service center where processing time is 9.5-11.5 months. My spouse’s H1B will expire on Jan’23. Now we are filling H1B and H4 extension. And considering high processing lead time we are doubting that by Jan’23 we might not get approved H4 EAD.

So Can I file another H4 EAD application now ( with H1 and H4 extension) which will be again a new application.

Can You please share if doing would be right.