H4 EAD Renewal question

Hi there,

I’m on a H-4 visa with a valid EAD until 3/2023. My spouse recently amended their H1B (due to job title change) for which my H4 also went through a COS status. Their H1B is approved, however, my H-4 application is still pending. I’m yet to apply for H-4 EAD since I’m not near the 180 days mark before my EAD expiry.

My question is, if I go to India, I assume there would be two options?

1.) Go for dropbox option based on my H-4 validity and EAD which is based on spouse’s current (unexpired) H1B visa?

2.) I would go for stamping (in person interview?) based on spouse’s recent H1B amended approval? This would cancel my current H-4 I-539 application with USCIS, correct?

3.) Upon return can I work using my current EAD which is based on my spouse’s current (non-amended) H1B approval?

Please let me know. Thanks!