H4 EAD Renewal Without H4 I797 Extension Application But a Valid Visa Stamped On Passport

In 2020, my H1B visa and my wife’s H4 were extended till 2023. On that basis my wife got an H4 EAD valid till 2023. Later my H1 B was amended and the new validity date was 2024. However my wife’s H4 visa was not amended so it’s validity remained unchanged (2023). We then went to India and got the new visa stamped on our passports valid till 2024 as well as the i94 after entering US. Now I want to apply for my Wife’s H4 EAD renewal on the basis of valid stamped visa and I94 that are valid till 2024. Will there be a problem if H4 I797 for wife was never applied because we had planned to go for stamping to India and return ? In other words can I apply for H4 EAD renewal if I don’t have H4 I 797 but have the new visa stamped and I94 ?