H4 EAD standalone application pending H1B transfer

My spouse’s H4 EAD standalone application is pending for 6 months. Her H4 is already approved. If I transfer my H1B to another employer do I need to restart her H4 EAD application? This is initial application not renewal. Any help is appreciated.

No you dont need to reapply for EAD. You may interfile the copy of H1B I-797 approval notice or just wait for USCIS RFE if they need H1B I-797.

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Hi Kalpesh,
Won’t USCIS reject the H4EAD application since my H1B with the previous employer is no longer active?

They should send RFE of they need you to submit the copy of the new I-797 approval notice otherwise they can always lookup the immigration history in their database.