H4 EAD Status change to "New Card Is Being Produced" but H4 Not approved

Oct 15 - H1+H4+h4 EAD renewal filed in Premium
Oct 26 - H1 RFE
Dec 11- H1 Approved
Jan 10 - H4 EAD status changed - New Card Is Being Produced
No other change in anything else.

What is the next step? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Your H4 will also be approved soon. No need to worry or take any action.

Congratulations on your H4 EAD approval.

Thank you Anil for the response! So when can i expect the card to be shipped? Is there any ETA?

Card should arrive within a week.

Thank you Anil for the quick response. I’ll wait for it :blush:

Today received an update on I539 - Case was approved on 01/14/2020
EAD - Case Was Approved on 01/14/2020
Hopefully should soon get the EAD

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