H4 ead status once h1b is approved (first time) with an employer

‘I got an offer from employer A with respect to H4 EAD and my h1b is in progress (first time) with employer B. Suppose,If I want to continue working with employer A with EAD leaving h1b status, Am i eligible to work with H4 EAD even if if my h1b is approved?’

It depends on how your h1b was filed.

Do you know if the employer filed it with ‘consular processing’ or ‘change of status’?

If it is consular processing, then you are fine.

Otherwise, the H1B approval will change your status from H4 to H1B and you won’t be able to work using H4 EAD at that time.

Thanks for your response. in that case, if i need to keep my h4 ead, h1b should be withdrawn correct?