H4 EAD Validity


I have a question about my spouse H4 EAD validity date. I am currently working in location A. My spouse received first H4 EAD as part of location A which is valid through June 2022. My employer filed an amendment in Dec 2019 to move to location B. Through the amendment I and my spouse H1B and H4 EAD validity got extended to Feb 2023. Covid started in Feb 2020. so my relocation plan got cancelled and we are living in location A. we went to India last year in November 2021 and we didn’t get new visa stamping as we didn’t relocate to location B. so my question is if the second issued H4 EAD is valid or not? Neither me or my spouse didn’t relocate to Location B. Please advise what is the H4 EAD validity date we need to consider in our case? June 2022 or Feb 2023?

Thanks for your inputs!

H4 EAD is independent of employer or location,. The validity will be till the expiry date mentioned of the current EAD card.
If I were you, I would be more worried about H1B amendment that was done for location B but the beneficiary kept working from location A for a long duration. Employer should have amendment back to location A.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thanks for your response! Yes my employer filed an H1B amendment back to location A last month and it is approved! My employer said second H4 EAD issued (to location B) is not valid since we didn’t relocate to location B

This is not true. As I mentioned H4 EAD has nothing to do with location or employer. EAD gives privilege to work at any location or employer unrestricted.

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