H4 EAD - when can I expect EAD approval

Hi Anil

I have applied h4ead on March 7th 2019 in Vermont center.
So when can I expect ead approval?? (As best case it is showing March 2nd )

You can expect your H4 EAD approval by June 2019 second week end.

thanks Anil . So wat does this best approval case means ??whether it has a chance of getting approved by may

The best case is the one that was approved most recently. You may also get approval that fast if you get lucky.

Around 10% of cases are approved that fast.

Thank u Anil for taking ur precious time to reply
I appreciate it

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Hi Anil - I applied for H4 EAD at Nebraska service center on April 01, 2019. When can i expect EAD to be approved?

Chitra - Did you get any update from USCIS?



(RD May 23rd NBS) H1B & H4 approved – Oct 4th
But H4 EAD(RD Mar 15th Vermont) petition submitted with old H4 status(expired on Sep 1st) is still in process. Tried calling USCIS & raised SR multiple times but there is no change in status (either denied or RFE). Could you please suggest us what can be done?


Hi @Swetha1904

You can contact your local congressman to help contact USCIS and ask for status. Explain your case to congressman and they should be able to help.

Usually, if congressman contacts, the case is resolved within 10 days.

Any update on your case?

@Anil.Gupta - Thank you for your reply,could you please let me know how to contact congressman?
@chitra_menon - No change in status, but I have raised Expedite Request citing financial loss by calling customer care.

Hi @Swetha1904

Search for your local congressman on google and then visit their website.
Congressman have the process of contacting them on their website.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
Thank you!
As suggested, i have searched and contacted my local congressman through an email and waiting for a reply.
Will post you after receiving the same.

Sure @Swetha1904. All the best and let me know if you need more information.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
Received a reply form Congressman email address stating “email address is used for outbound messages only” and has given few numbers to contact them directly.

So, I have called to my nearest representative office and spoke a Constituent Service Representative about my case. He then asked all my details and sent an email attached with a file “Privacy Release” asked to fill it in, & get it back to them via email, mail, or fax so they can contact USICS on my behalf.

Just few minutes ago I have done the required. Hoping for some change in my case status.

Thank you and i will post you updates.

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Hi @Swetha1904

Don’t worry. Most people are able to get positive result.

Hi Anil,

I haven’t received any update from local congressman office yet. I have emailed them today asking for an update but there was no reply. Please let me know what has to be done.


Hi @Swetha1904

Patience is the key.

Hi Anil,
Received a notice as reply to my SR yesterday.
USCIS has reviewed my Form I 765.Final action on Form I 539 - was approved on Oct 4,2019 and the 90 days processing time begins for I 765.
If no decision or request for information is not received and over 90days since final action on form I 539 please contact USCIS

And i haven’t received any reply from Congressman office. Hoping to receive in couple of days.

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