H4 extension case status: pending adjudication meaning?

My h4 extension receipt date is feb 2019 with Nebraska center. As I didn’t get any response from Uscis, I submitted a case inquiry last week and today received a reply. It said that my petition status is ‘pending adjudication’. They had to do additional reviews and that’s the reason for longer processing time.
What do pending adjudication mean? If you have come across a similar scenario would you be able to tell me how long it would take to get an answer?

Also, my husband had a visit from Uscis at his office few months back. Would that be the reason behind this delay?( his H1b extension is also in process).
Please give a reply at your convenience.


Hi @rej123

Pending adjudication simply means that your application is currently under processing.

Your H4 cannot be approved until the primary H1B is approved.

My husband’s H1b extension has receipt date on feb 2019 at Nebraska. His case is past case inquiry date. His employer tried multiple times to raise an inquiry but it’s giving the message that his case is within the processing time limit . He had a Uscis officer visit at his office during April 2019. Could that affect the case in any way. In the website the receipt date has no change. How can we know the case status now?

Hi @rej123

The USCIS site visit does affect the application processing time.

There is no other way to know the case status other than the USCIS website or raising a service request.

Dis you get your approval?