H4 extension / h4 ead renewal -options

Hi All, Please help me at this urgent situation. I am on H4, and our visa gets expired in 2 weeks from now. I also have my H4 EAD until 2 weeks and I was trying to find a job, and now got my first offer to work, but H4 EAD will expire within 2 weeks. We applied for our extensions for H1B ( husband) and H4 (Myself) with receipt of DECEMBER 30, 2022. Finally after almost 3 and half months, H1B got approved yesterday. And now my H4 is still in process, which in turn would impact by H4 EAD expiry in 2 weeks impacting the new job … What are the things that could save me now? How to get the H4 EAD auto renewed work for me ? Please guide !

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