H4 Extension Pending - Filing another H4


My Current Situation -

Both Mine and my Spouse H1b and H4 extensions respectively are filed in January. 2022

My H1B is approved with current employer A and valid until 2025 Feb.
My Spouse H4 Extension is pending, current H4 is expiring on May 19th 2022.

I got another offer which i am planning to join, with which there will be h1b transfer to another employer B.
i would like to know how best i can handle my spouse h4 status given the situation her current h4 is set to expire on 19th May 2022, awaiting on pending h4 extension (which could be denied if i switch employer).

File H4 extension along with the H1B transfer.


thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi.

I have few more follow up questions -

1 - The H1 transfer should initiate before may 19th ? or can it be even after that ?
2 - Can there be multiple pending h4 extensions
3 - Also, the current pending h4, will it be denied, and if it is denied will there be an issue

To be able to apply for extension of status, you need to apply before I-94 expiry. However in your you can apply after I-94 expires as the pending EOS H4 application can act as bridge however it will be risky if your current H4 EOS gets denied if your employer withdraw H1B once you leave.

My suggestion is to apply before current H4 I-94 expires.


No if the H4 EOS is filed along with H1B transfer before the H4 I-94 expires.

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i appreciate your knowledge, thank you. More power to you