H4 extension pending , how long can one stay



We applied for my daughter’s H4 extension along with my wife’s H1B with receipt date of Aug 8 at California center. Wife’s H1B is approved till 2025.
H4 extension for my daughter is still pending and receipt date is Aug 8.

Few questions :

  1. has anyone received any H4 extension from California recently?
  2. can my daughter stay in US after her current H4 approval notice i94 expires on Dec 26? If so how long and will that be legal? Current L2 visa on passport has expired and this my daughter’s 2nd h4 extension.



Till the H4 petition is adjudicated and provided primary H1B is in a valid status throughout the period.
The period between the I-94 expiry and H4 approval is called ‘period of authorized stay’ that is granted by the USCIS for a timely filed ( within 6 months before the I-94 expiry date) extension.


Thanks for the response. Is there is a 240 day rule that kicks in after the current I94 expires on Dec 26?

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