H4 Extension receipt notice not received

Hi Anil,

I have filed (paper filing) my wife’s H4 extension on Feb 28, 2020. The document is delivered to Texas lockbox on March 2nd, 2020. I haven’t received receipt notice yet.

Any idea how long it takes to receive receipt notice now a days?

Her I-94 is expiring on March 30, 2020, I am little worried as I didn’t receive the receipt notice yet.

Please suggest

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Hi @subhabrataray31

It can take 7 to 45 days to get H4 receipt notice these days.

Should I be worried if it doesn’t come before her I-94 expiry which is March 30, 2020?

Is there way to contact USCIS to know the receipt no by using her A#?

Hi @subhabrataray31

USCIS will not share receipt number over call.

But, you should call and ask if they have received the application or not. If they have received, then it would reflect in their system.

Sometimes, the receipt is returned by USPS as ‘un-delivered’ too if the address is printed wrong.

Yes, you should worry if you can’t receive the receipt before i94 expiry. I suggest to call USCIS and ask if they have received it or not.

Hi Anil,
I sent the filing document through Fedex and I see online Fedex tracking is showing it is delivered to USCIS lockbox with proof of delivery (someone’s signature). Still there should be problem that USCIS may not receive the documents?

Hi @subhabrataray31

USCIS will not honor the receipt date shown by FedEx as the actual receipt date.

They only talk about the receipt date printed on the actual receipt notice. Normally, there is a gap between the two and it is fine.

But, as the safest option, I suggest people send packets earlier enough that USCIS receives and generates a receipt number and date before your i94 expiry.

In case the situation boils down to a conflict, USCIS will only consider their own date for legal purposes. You can claim the FedEx delivery receipt and other stuff though.

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Hi Anil,

My application package was delivered on March 2nd, 2020 (Monday) to Texas lockbox. Actually I called USCIS customer care number on Friday March 6th evening using my wife’s A# (Alien no) to find out if they can tell me the receipt no.

They informed they don’t see anything in their system. Does it mean they didn’t receive it or misplaced it?

I saw in USCIS website that USCIS lockbox first scans doc, processes payment, verify application, send receipt notice and then forward application to related USCIS service center. Does it mean that from lockbox to get it reflected in service center system, will it take some times? and I should wait to get it updated in their system? or Should I consider they didn’t receive it as they don’t see in their system? Her I-94 expiry date is March 30, 2020

As per mu understanding, USCIS only considers the date as ‘receipt date’ when they enter the application in their system.

That’s the reason they advise everyone to send applications at-least 45 days before i94 expiry. In normal day to day filings, it does not require 45 days to get a receipt though.

I do not think there is any need to worry here as I have heard about H4 receipts taking more than 30 days recently. But, if you do not get receipt by March 20, then, i would suggest get worried.

Has your fees payment check been en-cashed by USCIS yet? Do you know?

Just now I called my bank and found that the cashier’s check I sent, is paid/cashed out on March 6th (last Friday) which is 5 days after my application reached to USCIS lockbox

Then, you are fine. This means that USCIS has received your application and in the process of entering your data.

Thanks for all your responses and suggestion

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@anil_am22 My spouse h4 is going to expire on Jan 07 2020, I have sent h4 extension to Lewisville,Tx Lockbox facility on Nov 30th. I have not received the receipt notice yet, already email lockbox facility but no response. What are my options now?